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The End

Käyttäjän Debutante kuva

The rain refused to fall into the stony Italian square. The droplets hung like a fog of tiny mirrors in the air, waiting for the end of time: each tear a reflection of a warped world. Sugar ran from the old village church, knocking the raindrops aside to where she had parked Jaffa’s great machine. Her desperation to return to the light of God overwhelmed her ancient purpose, and she fell to her knees, pleading with the machine to take her to the place Gabe had shown her, where God in all his Glory existed. To be parted from God – the pain was unbearable. Every voice in her head was silent but her own.

You cannot go back! – her own voice said.
There must be a way! Why can’t I go back to God?
You know why.
I don’t, I don’t! Damn it, I’ve been faithful!
Then your selfishness will doom them all.

She looked up at the unmoving moment of time, figures of villagers frozen mid-stride in the beads of rain. Just a few meters away, a father with an umbrella in one hand was dragging behind him a young son with a plastic backpack. The boy was reaching for a red cap that had fallen behind him. They were monstrous and sad, fanged and dejected and sinful. She saw them as they really were. She saw their pain.

This, then, is the humanity we have inflicted ourselves upon. Suddenly shamed, she reached out to them as she had done for so many others just like them. Their misery uncoiled itself and reached for her, wrapping tendrils around Sugar’s soul, joining the thousands of burdens she bore.

You are forgiven, she whispered, and planted her searing love in the father and little boy, feeling their mortal coils break.


The walls of Sugar’s mind fell away. Misery rushed at her from all sides from figures she could barely see through the rain, from beyond. From the disheartened priest inside, from the restaurant waitress, the tailors, the sorry village skinheads. From their grandmothers and siblings, their yowling babies, and beyond, beyond. From glimmers of unknown billions in this world, this world she now knew was wrong and filled with abject monsters. She even felt tugs from Operatives who, like her, had mistaken this world as their own to torment and upon which they had unleashed the villains of their own arrogance.

Sugar embraced the misery fleeing a multitude of hearts, her destructive forgiveness springing to fill the void.

I love them!

She staggered to her feet and walked back into the church. Gabe and Douvier must have talked at her but she heard nothing through the pulsing exchange of misery and forgiveness. It burned hotter with every heartbeat. She moved towards the altar, where the Book lay open.

We cannot return to God.
No. You know why.
Because… because there is no God here.

The realization pained her even through the agony. Her hand gripped the Key of the end of the world, and her other hand gripped the marble altar. She closed her eyes.

I still don’t know what to do.
Open your eyes.
There is no God here. This is a godless world.
Hell is not fire. Armageddon is not wrath. Not this time.
Open your eyes.
Hell is the absence of God.
Open your eyes. This is your Revelation.

Her head bowed over the Bible, she opened her eyes to the scripture: Revelation 14:15: “Put in your sickle and reap, for the hour to reap has come.”

Sugar plunged the Key into her heart.

Armageddon is love.

The forces inside her burst forth, an apocalyptic explosion of her soul that was never her soul, of her life that was never her life to live. With infinite clarity she understood she was always, eternally, merely a conduit for divine love.

I forgive you, this shattering soul breathed to the universe.
And I am forgiven.

We are all of us forgiven.



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