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Re: 1997, Raportit

to: DrStevens@FrankandFraser.com
Dr Humphrey Stevens
Private Consultant Psychiatrist London
11 Frank Street
London, W1A 3WG
sender: Aleksandra.Bachleda@OxfordFreudAppreciationSociety.com
re: dream diary #12

Im flying, strange colors and shapes forming, like cotton candy on acid. Or just clouds against a sunset.


Pen: You keep filling this place with books. Soon you will have no room for chairs.
Aleksa: Well maybe you will stop bothering me then.
Honoria: You wish.
Aleksa: you have no idea, dearie.

Honoria: Ya know, I think it was a bit unfair how all this turned out.
Aleksa: What ever do you mean?
Pen: Oh, the fact that we are basicly living her life now and she got the guy and the.. and speaking of the guy, she kicks us out of the room during key moments.

Madeleine: So you are still doing this dream diary thing?
Aleksa: Well that's what the Doc is telling me to do.
Madeleine: But isn't that a bit of a clishé, seeing a therapist, whining about your sore pride to someone holding pen and paper? That's so bourgeoisie.
Aleksa: Everyone sees them these days. Besides I studied psychology at Oxford.
Pen: Oh lah di dah. You are keeping out the important bits here, is he good looking?
Aleksa: Who?
Pen: Well the Doc of course!
Aleksa: I'm not going to stoop to.. Plus he is too old for us anyway.
Madeleine: He is not too old for me.
Honoria: Nobody is too old for you grandma.

Aleksa: So Mads, why are you running around with handbags all of a sudden? Aren't they kind of small for your guns?
Madeleine: Well guess how many this one holds? Plus it's a high end brand.
Honoria: Knowing you, it has at least eight of them and you can still fit in a fat purse.
Aleksa: I think she got the idea from the mushroom lady.
Pen: What mushroom lady? Oh! That one! Have you seen her lately?
Aleksa: You are supposed to be part of me now, you know I haven't!
Honoria: Pen has been busy dreaming up a new romance novel.
Madeleine: Oh no, that's like saying Mushroom Lady is dreaming up a new zombie gymnasium.
Pen: You think you are a writer! You have no right to ridicule creative expression. All you ever wrote was that stupid memoir. And it didn't even have any interesting dirt.
Madeleine: Your books do all the ridiculing on their own.
Honoria: Have you noticed Aleksa has none of your books here, by the way?
Aleksa: Don't be absurd, I collect masterpieces and historicly valuable..
Honoria: Mads is surely ancient enough for any collection.
Pen: You do realise, granny is the one with the guns?

Pen: Ok so explain something to me. When you were standing in the bushes, with Mushroom Lady and Fairy Girl, and that other one, the gray girl, you knew that you had all of us with you?
Aleksa: Well yes, by then it was pretty clear that..
Pen: What I mean is, that you just ran in that thing and slammed the doors shut and you knew that if you went boom, we would go too?
Aleksa: Well at that moment I was not thinking about..
Pen: Yes, that is clear to me, you just do not think about us when it matters.
Honoria: Oh stop pouting, Pen. If you want to get anything done in this world, you have to do more than stand staring out of windows with your bosom heaving.
Pen: Oh you mean throw around salt and fuck farm boys?
Honoria: Better that than going after obviously gay fencing instructors.

Aleksa: I am going to have trouble explaining all this to the Doc.


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